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Zuri Zanzibar Hotel, Kendwa, Zanzibar

Everyone dreams about having a house beside a beach but that might not always happen in reality. The good news this, anyone can have that feeling in Zuri Zanzibar hotel. This is a resort-like hotel that has a homely environment with all the luxurious facilities.

The resort has wonderful stairs which lead towards the beach. Aside from that, the resort is like an entire village dotted with small bungalows and surrounded by fragrant spice gardens.

The resort’s other facilities include a library, water sports pavilion, spa, gym area, parking spot, bar, swimming pool, and so on. Other regular room services and sumptuous food services are there already.

For family and friends, the resort has interconnecting bungalows as well. To get around the hotel, one may need a 1-hour ride by car because it’s that much spacious.

Singita Sabora Tented Camp, Serengeti National Park

This tented camp or resort could be a perfect place for couples who want to spend time together and enjoy a romantic dinner under a chandelier, relax in the rose bed, and remain surrounded by handmade furniture.

To make such a dream come true, the Tented Camp is located at a perfect place, Grumeti, which is the home of acacias and diverse wildlife. However, no worries, no ferocious animals come near the camp.

This luxurious resort has all the modern services to keep the guests comfortable for months. Multiple swimming pools, good room service, WiFi, and laundry services, all are available here. As for the decoration, guests will lose themselves in the 1920s. Wonderful classic décor, candlesticks, colorful drapes, all will create a sense of absolute happiness. Overall, the Tented Camp is a great place to enjoy the rich wildlife and stay in the mood of romance throughout the vacation.

Meliá Zanzibar, Zanzibar

Melia hotel could be an easeful destination and living place, especially for the peace-loving tourists. This is mostly because it will only take about 45 minutes to reach there by car from Zanzibar International Airport.

This hotel is a wonderful choice for those who want to enjoy the beauty of Zanzibar and Maldives! Yes, it is true, the hotel is surrounded by nature in a way that almost looks like the Maldives.

The hotel is also located in a secluded area. So, one will be able to swim in the pool or relax in the hot tub of the hotel while enjoying the serene beauty of nature; no bustling or crowd anywhere in view.

The hotel rooms are enveloped with numerous luxurious amenities. The original complex of the hotel is attached with its own lounge and restaurant. While staying in a room, one will be able to perceive the rage, calmness, and tranquility of the Indian ocean through a mere glass.

The Meliá Zanzibar hotel has uncountable services for its guests, including bar, fitness area, laundry, restaurant, and lots of other services. The best thing about the hotel is that it has wonderful facilities for families, including 10 family rooms and a free kid’s club.

Reef & Beach Resort, Jambiani

People who want to have all the fun at a single place can stay at this resort for a while. Truly, surrounded by all the fun activities and luxuries, no one will ever wish to leave this piece of heaven located at the Reef & Beach Resort.

The place is blessed with all the natural beauties of the world, sandy beaches, clear water, rich landscape, and more. Staying in this resort can double up the fun and comfort as it has all the modern facilities, including swimming pools, restaurants, sun loungers, air-conditioned rooms, spa, WiFi, and a lot more.

The resort is situated 7 km far from Jambiani village and 60 km away from Zanzibar Airport. For family and friends, the resort offers the best deals. Also, tourists will be comfortable here around the English-speaking people.