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Land and Climate in Tanzania

The country is situated in the African East coast, surrounded by Kenya and Uganda border to the north. Unlike other African countries, Tanzanian regions are defined and divided.

The entire land of Tanzania comprises of high land above the sea level and low land, semi-desert area, green meadows, and waterbody. Tanzanian land is blessed with agricultural advantages. So, the major portion of the country’s economy comes from agriculture. The land is known for growing tea, coffee, nuts, cotton, and tobacco.

The livelihood of a vast number of people depends on the land of Tanzania; however, the agricultural section has less technological advancement in the rural area. As a result, the country is vulnerable to hazardous incidents, which most likely occurs from March to June and October to December. These months are considered to be rainy seasons in Tanzania.

Except for the rainy season, in the coastal and tropical areas, the temperature is hot whereas the highlands of northwest remain cool.

Tanzania may look like a small country at the edge of the world but in reality, it consists of 945,087 km² area. So, the climate and temperature tend to be different sometimes according to its distinct weather condition in different regions.

Lifestyle in Tanzania

Tanzania has stored a lot of facilities for a greater and luxurious lifestyle for foreigners and its own people. More than 55 million people are residing in Tanzania, many of whom come from different countries. So, it is like a melting pot of culture in this country. The lifestyle of Tanzania can be characterized by the traits of Arab, Indian, African, and European cultures. The interesting fact is that Tanzanian official languages include English and Swahili. So, foreigners can easily blend in the Tanzanian culture.

Living in Tanzania might be difficult for the people who easily get infected by viral diseases because the medical facilities are not up to the mark yet.

House hunting is very different in Tanzania because government has the possession of all the land of this country. Therefore, renting a house is the best option in Tanzania rather than buying one for 99 years period.

Tanzania also has some good institutes to offer higher education, but the number of schools is not much in Tanzania. At the beginning of the year, the schools remain overbooked; however, the school facilities are comparably greater than the medical sectors.

Job Sectors in Tanzania

When it comes to working in Tanzania, it is always a bit challenging, but once an expat or native understands the job system of Tanzania, it becomes easier. As we mentioned earlier, most of the Tanzanians live under the poverty line but people who are higher educated, get an opportunity to work in the IT or the tourism sector, and make better earnings.

Tanzania Transport and Communication System

Indeed, the infrastructure and the roads were not very wide or broad a decade ago in Tanzania. The country has suffered a lot, has gone through financial crises, and faced communication difficulties due to the weak transport system. However, with great vision and plans, the transport section is getting modernized with flyovers and highways. In fact, some Tanzanian cities have divided lanes for each type of vehicle. Also, the country has two major railway networks while another one is being constructed.

The sceneries of Dodoma and Dar es Salaam are totally different. Along with broad highways, the cities have wonderful boats and ships to move from one Tanzanian island to another. Moreover, the govt. has constructed many airports, including domestic and international ones in recent years. Tanzania has a great communication relationship with the neighboring and some long-distant countries. Its major trading partners are India, Kenya, UAE, China, the US, and more.

The government has implemented a great initiative to bring all the Tanzanians under the coverage of the internet. According to the 2017’s research, 40% of the Tanzanian population has access to the internet. Interestingly, 1.2 million people have a prominent wireless internet connection and the percentage has raised a lot more over the last couple of years.

Tourism in Tanzania

All over the world people recognize Tanzania for its natural beauty. The interesting fact is that almost 38% of the land of Tanzania is protected for tourism and traveling purposes. The country is the home of over 15 national parks where the big five animals (wildebeest, giraffe, hippopotamus, and cheetah) can be seen roaming around in the Mother Nature in peace. In the waterbody of Tanzania, around 130 species of amphibians and more than 270 species of reptiles can be found swimming and hunting under the surface.

A great deal of tourist attractions is situated on the north side of the country, including Manyara National Park, Serengeti National Park, and Tarangire National Park. Other than the parks, the country has 2 great tourist attractions, one is known as the ‘Roof of Africa’ and the other one is Zanzibar.

The roof of Africa is a mountain with the highest peak. Zanzibar is a spice land of Tanzania, which is packed with tourist attractions. Long Beach, Stone Town, multicultural monuments – all can be found in Zanzibar.

In the cities, plenty of luxurious hotels are rising to the sky with greater facilities. However, one may not find a luxurious hotel around the popular tourist spots. As an alternative, there are plenty of luxurious treehouses available where tourists will be able to live among nature with great amenities.

Living and Traveling in Tanzania

Tanzania is an amazing country to move in and start a new life because all the facilities here are offered at a very cheap rate. So, one can easily be stable and established living here. This is good news for the tourists as well because they can visit the entire country without spending much. Another point to be noted here, the people of Tanzania are helpful and friendly. In the city center, travelers will be able to find English-speaking people with ease. So, they might not require a translator to travel to the city areas.

When it comes to safety, Tanzania is a very secure place for everyone. To remain on the safer side, foreigners may also purchase travel insurance beforehand.